Rotax Jet Tool 2021 Go Karting 2 Stroke

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Since it’s inception in 1983 Karts & Parts’ mission has been to create winners at all levels of Kart racing. In its first year K&P managed to win two national championships, this was just the first few of the hundreds to come. Karts & Parts has always tried to give its customers the best bang for the dollar. With every new driver that comes to us we always try to teach them the fundamentals of winning. “It’s easy to teach a driver to be fast, but much harder to teach a driver to win” says Lon Herder, owner of Karts & Parts. This takes patience and a good knowledge of each and every driver. After years of training drivers we’ve figured out just about all the right buttons to push to get our drivers to the top. Some of our drivers have gone on to win karting World Championships and Indy Car victories. Will you be next?

Awesome Kart Front View 28mm 30mm
Awesome Kart Floor Pan View 28mm 30mm
Awesome Kart Rear View 28mm 30mm
Awesome Kart Driver View 28mm 30mm


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